• Origin: Tanzania, Mbeya (Various Smallholders)
  • Harvest: May-Jul
  • Varieties: Kent, N39
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1800-1900 MASL
  • Landed: December
  • Character: apricot, clotted cream, caramel

Ground with a Kinu M47, prepared in the Dalla Corte Mini. Brewed at 94°C. Normal grind (2.73), slightly slower pour time. Very even beans.


First try as an espresso: very, very soft. Silk smooth mouthfeel and very bright, yet not acidic flavor. Could get at apricot and caramel maybe, but their was an unpleasent carrot part as well. Did not taste like coffee at all. Berry drink with a spritz. Maybe blueberries, but brighter.


For now a 7/10. Very interesting, but I did not nail preparation and/or it needs time degassing. Probably will drown in a cappuccino.