• Origin: Ethiopia : Guji, Oromia - heirloom
  • Price: ~ 29.6€/Kilo
  • Blend: 100% Arabica
  • Character: berries, lime, cocoa

Ground with Rancillio Rocky S, prepared with Rancillio Silvia. I ground a little coarser and added 1-2 g additional beans.


In one word: summer. It's a very bright arabica. There are lot's of bright fruit notes: grapefruit, lime and indeed there is a gentle berry note.
To me it's a little hard on the stomach, but only if you drink a lot of it.
I'm currently drawn towards cappuccino or latte, rather than espresso, although to me those beans are very great for espresso. On the other hand, this very bright and drizzling coffee does not get lost in a cappuccino as well. While it does not produces the thick and intense crema of a robusta blend, it still provides splendid taste.

Would buy again ?

Not on a regular basis. This will not be a returning bean I keep around. It's interesting and challenging, and keeps you busy for some time. But I can't drink bright espressi for an extended period of time.


Schamong Guji