Today I want to present to you: my spare-sunday-evening project:



At the beginning of this year we moved into a new place and decided to pick up some of the sweet Philips Hue lights. Setup was fairly straight forward and we got used to them quite quickly.
In the last few months I've been playing more and more Shadowrun (SR) and decided to use those lamps to liven up our games.

To control the lamps easily and without much hazzle, I decided I wanted something lightweight, that allowed me to quickly grab background sounds and light scenes.


Lightweight and easy to use. So I decided to use Python and write a small command line tool. When I put it to the table, the resonance was very good, so I put some more effort into it.
The next version offered an easy tool to generate light-scenes, so my friends, within a few hours, gathered an amazing amount of hue-brightness-saturation setups.
As this was so convenient we actually started using it more often than the actual App to control the lights, therefor I completely rewrote the code and created a server application. Now it can be run on e.g. a Raspberry Pi and is available to smartphones and tablets as well.

Current State:

I just recently finished the server application and am right now deciding on a logo. (Feel free to leave some feedback). Other than that please refer to the feature-list.

Design Guidelines
  • Readable, easy to maintain Code
  • Mobile First
  • Bootstrap
  • Low performance requirements
  • Easily interexchangeable formats
  • Extensible
  • Toggle lamps individually
  • Light-Scenes
  • Define scenes in JSON
  • Save current lamp settings to JSON
  • Search scenes
  • Light-Scenes
  • Favorites
  • Most Used
  • Edit/Add/Remove from UI
  • Import/Export from UI
  • Share/Browse/Rate
  • Audio-Scenes
  • Download instantly from Youtube
  • Autostart with Scene
  • Loop