First Post after a month of coffee-abstinence, don't take everything 100% - please bare with me.

  • Origin: washed Brasil and Panama / washed India Balanoor Estate
  • Price: 30€/Kilo
  • Blend: 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
  • Character: Hazelnut, caramel, little chocolate

Ground with Rancillio Rocky S, prepared with Rancillio Silvia. Ground pretty coarse, overdosed a little. Based on the barista that's already the way to go. Grind a little courser and priorize a good grind over the dose. The setting was hard to get right and it took quite some time. Don't give up - for me it was roughly 17 g in the double basket at normal grind with a lighter tamp than usual.


In store this was very lovely. A really good balance and a great mouthfeel. Not extraordinary fancy, but sturdy and solid. Good drink for a morning wake up or a last powerup in the evening. Worked great in a cappuccino and showed lots and lots of character in an espresso. At home I did not manage to get it right yet :/ Will update if anything works out with the next few shots, but 250g is just not enough for such a picky coffee (and I'm a little out of practise).
This coffee is a beast. I managed to get a few pretty solid shots. Even 10 minutes after pouring, the crema did not falter. It blended perfectly with microfoamed milk and the result was beautiful. The optic alone is worth the 30 bucks / kilo, but tastewise it was very lovely as well. As Cappuccino the mouthfeel was lightweight and refreshing. It showed more brilliance than in-store (I spent quite some time fine-tuning after all !) - I did not expect that. The cappuccino offered lots of hazelnut, caramel and chocolate. A very typical coffee in excellent quality. If you like nutty coffees you will love this one. This coffee probably has many facettes that I did not manage to explore yet.

Would buy again ?

I am not the biggest fan of nutty coffees, but despite the challenging tuning of the grinder the quality of this coffee is superb. So yes - even if just to show people what range of tastes coffee can produce.


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