Time for a small upgrade !

The first graph can be seen here

From now on the Coffee Posts on the blog will have a spider graph added. Such a graph could look like this :


It will contain a quick overview on the coffee reviewed and hopefully be a nice visual aid.
I will be using a Likert Scale to determine results. The ratings will be along the lines of:

 1 : Really Bad
 2 : Bad
 3 : Average
 4 : Good
 5 : Really Good

Now a quick rundown on the different aspects (which hopefully will not change in the future, to ensure comparability.)

Dry Fragrance

Smell and visuals of the beans before and after grinding. The 'impression' of the beans and their haptic feedback.

Brightness / Acidity

This does neither mean the coffee is bad on the stomach nor that it's sour !
Brightness / Acidity describes the liveliness of the coffee and some sharp notes. Many third wave roasts emphasize a good acidity.


I'll just pack everything about the flavor of the coffee in here. Overall mouth impression - 'taste'.

Body / Mouthfeel

Weight and thickness of the coffee. High score is not related to thick or thin coffee (see descriptions for that). If the mouthfeel is stimulating and interesting it gets point, if it's unpleasant, it doesn't.


You'll most often want that.


If there's a lot to explore in a cup, it scores here.


Bang for the buck factor goes here. Is the coffee worth it's price tag ?


The aspects of the spider graph are based on Sweet Maria's Spider Graphs.