• Origin: Arabica Ethiopia / Robusta India
  • Price: 26€/Kilo
  • Blend: 80% Arabica / 20 % Robusta
  • Character: chocolate, coffee


Ground with Rancillio Rocky S, prepared with Rancillio Silvia. Rather easy to prepare, but I often overpacked the portafilter as the ground coffee came out pretty dense. Otherwise pretty easy to prepare, but you'd have to cut the flow pretty early.


Well you get exactly what you want. It's espresso and nothing else. Strong coffee flavor, solid kick. The beans were a little incosistent in coloring and size, but that didn't really matter in the taste. But don't expect anything fancy, solid and good at what it does.

Would buy again ?

Yes. For a longer period it would be to boring though.


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