• Origin: Single Estate Arabica - Natural
  • Price: ~ 23.3€/Kilo
  • Blend: 100% Arabica
  • Character: sweet, nougat, Nutella, hazelnut

This is a part of the thorough Die-Kaffee Privatrösterei review. After reviewing most of the Quijote coffees the next reviews will focus on the beans that Olga Sabristova roasts.

While I try not to be biased in any way, I feel obliged to mention that my first order got mixed up. Olga reached out and resend me the bags I originally ordered, but allowed me to keep the other bags as well (Great customer service and a great starter).


Ground with Rancillio Rocky S, prepared with Rancillio Silvia. Once again a coffee that longs for a longer extraction time. I preferred finer grinds as well, as a rough grind produced an overall okayish taste, but left taste I really disliked.


Hard to pinpoint I'd say. I got a world of hazelnut, a pretty sweet nougat and something indescribable in between (I didn't like that). Paired with milk in a cappuccino the beans truly shine and develop the hyped "Nutella" taste that first got my attention. I couldn't completely agree, or probably simply couldn't get the shot that good, but I got really great nutty results.

Would buy again ?

Like the Yellow Bourbon a really nutty espresso, but more complex and intriguing. Does it live up to the hype ? Not really in my opinion, but it's a coffee I'd like to try again, just to get to the Nutella core :)


Die Kaffee Brasil Cerrado San Rafael